Master Cold Outreach, Automate, Personalize, and Increase Efficiency

  • Elevate cold outreach with AI-driven personalization and efficiency

  • Streamline your cold email campaigns with unlimited scalability and insights

  • Maximize email deliverability and engagement with advanced AI tools


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What is Pipl.ai

pipl.ai is a platform that offers AI-driven solutions for optimizing cold outreach campaigns. It provides features such as email warming, customizable tracking, and efficiency-enhancing tools. Users can automate their outreach, cut the need for third-party tools like email validation, and hyper-personalize their campaigns. The platform also offers unlimited inboxes, prospect imports, and campaign runs. Pipl.ai aims to improve email deliverability and efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Cold Outreach: Enhances cold email campaigns with AI, increasing deal closures by 35%.
  • Built-in Data Enrichment and Email Verification: Reduces costs by verifying email addresses and enriching data internally.
  • Hyper-Personalization at Scale: Allows for personalization with text, images, GIFs, and videos.
  • Advanced Deliverability Controls: Ensures emails land in the inbox with humanized AI models and deliverability controls.
  • Unlimited Warm-Up: Offers unlimited email warm-up to improve inbox rates.
  • Infinite Scalability: Connect unlimited inboxes without worrying about additional costs.
  • Built-in Email Validation, Data Enrichment, and Cleansing: Streamlines the process by handling email verification and data formatting.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Analytics: Provides detailed insights and metrics for campaign performance.



  • Cost: $15/Month
  • Features:
    • Connect Unlimited Inboxes
    • Upload Unlimited Prospects
    • Run Unlimited Campaigns
    • Email Warm-up And Deliverability Monitoring
    • 25k Email Sends / Month
    • Unified Inbox
    • Start Free Trial available


  • Cost: $27/Month
  • Features:
    • Everything in Personal
    • Advanced Warm-up Settings and Language Models
    • AI Sequence Writer & Sequence Assistant
    • Built-in Prospect Enrichment And Email Validation (Coming Soon!)
    • GIF & Video Personalization (Coming Soon!)
    • Built-in Personalization Icebreakers (Coming Soon!)
    • 150k Email Sends / Month
    • Start Free Trial available


  • Cost: $0 forever
  • Features:
    • Warmup up to 3 emails for free
    • Private warm-up pool with 45k+ accounts
    • Any Email Service Providers
    • “Free Trial” account will be converted to “Free Warmup” account upon expiration

Please check here for more details about Pipl.ai’s pricing.


Master Cold Outreach, Automate, Personalize, and Increase Efficiency

Key Features

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