pinecone ai


Vector database for fast and accurate search

  • Fully-managed vector database for high-performance AI applications

  • Fast and accurate search through billions of items

  • Predictable resource-based pricing with transparent usage monitoring


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🛠️ API

What is pinecone ai

Pinecone AI is a vector database that offers high-performance AI applications. It provides a fully-managed and easily scalable platform for creating AI-powered solutions. Users can store and search vector embeddings, build search apps, and utilize generative AI. Pinecone offers fast results, predictable costs, and seamless integration with other tools like Datadog and Airbyte.

Key Features

  • Memory for AI: Transform your business with high-performance AI applications with Pinecone’s vector database.
  • Fully-managed: Launch, use, and scale your AI solution without the need to maintain infrastructure.
  • Fast, relevant results: Speed through data in milliseconds with metadata filters and sparse-dense index support.
  • Predictable costs: Start for free on the starter plan and easily scale usage with transparent resource-based pricing.
  • Search: Build search apps that store and search through the meaning of your data from any AI model.
  • Generative AI: Build chatbots that provide relevant context from your company data to a Generative-AI model.
  • Customers: See how Pinecone customers are utilizing vector search to push the boundaries of AI.
  • Built to scale with any stack: Store and search through embeddings of your data in Pinecone to power your AI applications.


Pinecone Starter:

  • Free
  • Limited to one index and one project
  • No credit card required
  • Hardware: Single starter pod
  • Features: Single project, Shared environment
  • Community Support: Community support available

Pinecone Standard:

  • Starting at $70/month
  • Estimated for one index on one s1 pod running for 30 days at $0.096/hour
  • Hardware: Any number of pods and replicas, Zero-downtime scaling
  • Features: Save vector data in Collections at $0.025/GB/month, Multiple projects and users, Choose your cloud region, Single free index
  • Standard Support: Email support during business hours, Up to 2 technical contacts, Response Time SLA

Pinecone Enterprise:

  • Starting at $104/month
  • Estimated for one index on one s1 pod running for 30 days at $0.144/hour
  • Hardware: Any number of pods and replicas, Zero-downtime scaling
  • Features: Includes everything in Standard plus Prometheus metrics, Single sign-on, Annual commitment required, Multiple payment options, Single free index
  • Premium Support: 24/7/365 dedicated support, Up to 4 technical contacts, Response Time SLA, Uptime SLA (99.9%)

Pinecone Enterprise Dedicated:

  • Details and pricing on request
  • Features: Everything in Enterprise, deployed in a single-tenant VPC environment in the region of your choice.

Please check here for more details about pinecone ai’s pricing.

pinecone ai

Vector database for fast and accurate search

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🛠️ API

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