Pantheon Robotics


Generate robot code from natural language commands using AI

  • Generates robot code from natural language

  • Uses GPT-4 and Vercel AI SDK

  • Prototype is car-like, limited functionalities


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What is Pantheon Robotics

Pantheon Robotics is a web application that generates executable robot code from natural language commands. Utilizing GPT-4 and Vercel AI SDK, the platform is designed around a prototype car-like robot, demonstrating its capability to translate user instructions into operational code.

Key Features of Pantheon Robotics

- Natural Language Processing: Translates natural language commands into executable robot code effortlessly.

- Versatile Code Generation: Produces code for a generic robot prototype based on a physical proof-of-concept.

- User-Friendly Interface: Allows users to easily specify tasks for the robot (note: the prototype is a car, so it cannot fly or perform actions requiring arms).

- GPT-4 Integration: Leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 for high-quality natural language processing.

- Powered by Vercel AI SDK: Utilizes Vercel's robust AI SDK for enhanced performance and reliability.

- Instant Code Generation: Offers quick and efficient code generation, enabling immediate implementation of tasks.

- Accessible Web App: Provides a convenient online platform for users to interact with and test the tool.

Pantheon Robotics

Generate robot code from natural language commands using AI

Key Features

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