What is Orquesta AI Prompts

Orquesta AI Prompts is a platform that enables users to integrate and operate their products with the help of Large Language Models (LLM) from a single collaboration platform. It offers prompt engineering, experimentation, operations, and monitoring features with transparency on quality and costs. The platform is designed to save engineering time, speed up time-to-market, and prevent lock-ins to specific providers.

Key Features

  • Prompt Engineering: Build a personalized Prompt Library with version control, allowing for localization and customization based on your data model.
  • Provider-Agnostic Prompt Studio: Enables domain experts to work with different models, ensuring flexibility and preventing lock-in to specific providers.
  • LLM Lifecycle Management: Streamlines the integration and operation of products with Large Language Models, enhancing efficiency and innovation cycles.
  • Developer-Friendly Platform: Quick setup (up and running in 10 minutes), collaboration tools for domain experts and product management, and unified LLM integration.
  • Real-Time Observability: Control and monitor operations with real-time data, ensuring high uptime and performance.
  • EU Grade Data Privacy & Security: Compliance with SOC2 and GDPR, offering enterprise-grade security controls and PII management throughout the platform.


Orquesta Build

  • Cost: €0/month
  • Extra Requests: €0 per 1K
  • Features:
    • Resources: 5
    • Included Units: 1K
    • Max Requests: 1K
    • Monthly Active Users: 1
    • Environments: 2
    • Products: LLM Prompts Manager, Remote Configs, Prompt Engineering, Prompt Studio, Function Calling, Business Rules Engine, Simulator, Versioning (1 day), Monitoring & Observability, Real-time Dashboards & Analytics, Real-time logs (1 day), End-user feedback collection, Internal scoring, Security and Privacy, SSO, Email Support.

Orquesta Startup

  • Cost: €75/month
  • Extra Requests: €0.03 per 1K
  • Features:
    • Resources: 15
    • Included Units: 500K
    • Max Requests: 5M
    • Monthly Active Users: 3
    • Environments: 3
    • Products: All in Build plus LLM Endpoints, LLM Ops, LLM Gateway, Pro Models, Playground, Retries & Fallbacks, Batch Experimentation (early access), Annotations (coming soon), Slack Support.

Orquesta Scale Up

  • Cost: €250/month (14-day free trial)
  • Extra Requests: €0.03 per 1K
  • Features:
    • Resources: 50
    • Included Units: 1000K
    • Max Requests: 20,000K
    • Monthly Active Users: 10
    • Environments: Unlimited
    • Products: All in Startup plus Approval Workflow (coming soon), LLM Cache (coming soon), Prompt Guard (coming soon), Fine-tuning data sets (coming soon), SOC2 Reports, PII Filtering, Permission Groups, SAML (coming soon), Dedicated Account Manager.

Orquesta Enterprise

  • Pricing: Contact Us
  • Features:
    • Resources: Unlimited
    • Included Units: Unlimited
    • Max Requests: Unlimited
    • Monthly Active Users: Unlimited
    • Environments: Unlimited
    • Products: All in Scale Up plus Private Models (early access), Audit Logs (coming soon), Solutions Engineer.

Please check here for more details about Orquesta AI Prompts’s pricing.