One AI


Empowers websites with proactive GPT agents for growth

  • Boost website engagement and sales with a brand-customized GPT agent

  • Elevate customer support with AI-powered, fact-checked interactions

  • Gain insights from user interactions to drive growth and improve services


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What is One AI

One AI is a platform that allows users to turn their websites into proactive GPT agents that boost engagement and sales. It offers customizable agents, conversation analytics, and a WordPress plugin, among other features. The platform is used in various industries such as customer service, e-commerce, media, and healthcare.

Key Features

  • GPT Agent: A proactive GPT agent trained on your content to boost engagement and sales.
  • Customizable UI Widget: Seamlessly embed GPT on your website, personalized to fit your brand.
  • Conversation Analytics: Analyze user queries to extract business insights and understand customer interactions.
  • Industry-Specific Use Cases: Tailored solutions for various industries including eCommerce, SaaS companies, social media, podcasts & videos, and government/municipal services.
  • Fact-Check Built-In: Ensures responses are accurate and aligned with your brand’s content and goals.
  • Learning Capabilities: Learns from HTML, docs, videos, and audio with no size limits, ensuring comprehensive understanding and response generation.



  • Cost: $0/month
  • Features:
    • GPT-Agent that responds based on your content
    • Conversation sharing for viral growth
    • Built-in fact-checking
    • Turn your website into a conversational experience

START Plan (Recommended)

  • Features:
    • Proactively boosts engagement, leads, and sales
    • Lead collection
    • Conversation analytics
    • Convert website traffic to business and knowledge

PRO Plan

  • Features:
    • Drive growth with advanced features and support
    • Steers conversations based on your business goals
    • Custom agent persona and skills
    • API access & integrations
    • Contact sales for pricing

Please check here for more details about One AI’s pricing.

One AI

Empowers websites with proactive GPT agents for growth

Key Features

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