AI platform with APIs for image, video, audio, and LLM

  • Wide range of AI APIs for image, video, audio, and LLM applications

  • 10,000+ models available for use

  • Model hosting and training solutions for businesses


💰 Paid


🛠️ API

What is is a comprehensive AI platform offering a wide range of APIs for image, video, audio, and language model applications. It provides tools for creating and refining AI models, including text-to-image, voice cloning, and video generation, all with scalable and cost-effective solutions. Users can leverage over 10,000 models or train their own, with flexible pricing plans and dedicated 24/7 support ensuring seamless integration and data security.

Key Features of

- Comprehensive AI Platform: A versatile suite of AI APIs for image, video, audio, and large language model (LLM) applications, designed to accelerate AI-driven business innovations.

- Image Generator: Includes tools for Text to Image, Image to Image, and specialized modes like LCM Text to Image and LCM Image to Image.

- Advanced Image Editing: Features for Upscale, Background Removal and Replacement, Outpainting, Inpainting, and object-specific edits like replacing skies or objects and removing text or watermarks.

- Video Generation: Offers capabilities like Text to Video, Image to Video, Image to Video with Motion, and tools to Animate Anyone.

- Audio Solutions: Provides Text to Speech and Voice Cloning technologies, allowing the creation of high-quality synthetic voices instantly.

- Face Editing Tools: Includes functionalities for Merging Faces, Restoring Faces, Making Photos, and generating Instant IDs.

- Training Models: LoRA training options available for refining and customizing AI models according to specific requirements.

- Sample Codes for Quick Integration: Easy and fast integration into existing systems with provided sample codes.

- High-Value LLMs: Hosting and inference services for efficient and cost-effective large language models, such as Meta Llama 3.

- 24/7 Dedicated Support: Continuous assistance available to ensure seamless service and support.

- Data Security: Robust data management and privacy features to protect and ensure confidentiality of user data and models.


Credit Balance:

  • Minimum Top-Up: $10 USD
  • Auto Top-Up: Option available (requires adding a payment method and configuring settings)

Enterprise Plan:

  • Benefits: Dedicated GPU for fast inference, high concurrency support capable of handling hundreds of tasks per minute.

Additional Features and APIs:

  • Text to Image
  • Image to Image
  • LCM (Large-Scale Model) Text to Image
  • LCM Image to Image
  • Mix Pose
  • Doodle
  • Create Tile
  • Reimagine
  • Upscale
  • Remove Background
  • Replace Background
  • Outpainting
  • Inpainting
  • Replace Sky
  • Replace Object
  • Remove Text
  • Remove Watermark
  • Cleanup
  • Text to Video
  • Image to Video
  • Image to Video - Motion
  • Animate Anyone
  • Text to Speech
  • Voice Cloning (Instant)
  • Face Editor (Merge Face, Restore Face, Make Photo)
  • Instant ID
  • LoRA Training

AI platform with APIs for image, video, audio, and LLM

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API

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