Automated GitHub code review tool providing incremental feedback for pull requests

  • Automated code review for GitHub pull requests

  • Provides feedback via GitHub review comments

  • Free to use, available on GitHub Marketplace


🆓 Free

What is Maverick

Maverick is an automated code review tool for GitHub pull requests, offering incremental feedback to catch small issues that might go unnoticed. It integrates seamlessly with your development cycle, providing review comments directly in GitHub. The service is entirely free and acts as a co-pilot for developers to ensure higher code quality.

Key Features of Maverick

- Automated Code Review: Integrates directly with GitHub pull requests to catch small issues that often slip through manual reviews.

- GitHub Marketplace Integration: Easily install Maverick from the GitHub Marketplace and specify the repositories it should monitor.

- Continuous Monitoring: Listens for new pull requests within your selected repositories during your usual development cycle.

- Instant Feedback: Automatically reviews the code in new pull requests and provides feedback via GitHub review comments.

- Simplified Installation: Quick setup in the GitHub Marketplace, making it easy to start using Maverick immediately.

- Incremental Layer of Review: Acts as an additional layer of automated review to ensure thorough code quality checks.

- User-Friendly Interface: Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing development workflows without causing disruptions.


Automated GitHub code review tool providing incremental feedback for pull requests

Key Features

🆓 Free

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