All-in-one platform for building customizable code and no-code applications

  • AI-powered developer platform

  • No-code to full-code transition

  • Supports various app types and functionalities


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What is MarsAi

MarsAi is an all-in-one developer platform that combines code and no-code capabilities, enabling users to build applications using pre-built Micro-Apps. The platform supports a wide range of functionalities, from peer-to-peer marketplaces to social networks and NFT marketplaces. MarsAi allows for a seamless transition from no-code to full code, offering extensive customization while retaining user-created data and logic. The engine is open-source and can be hosted locally or on any server, ensuring flexibility and scalability for diverse project needs.

Key Features of MarsAi

- AI-Powered Landing Page Builder: Includes a robust AI-powered landing page builder to create professional and customized pages quickly.

- Code + NoCode + AI: Supports both coding and no-code development modes, along with AI enhancements for various tasks.

- MicroApps: Offers a wide selection of MicroApps developed by a global community for quick reuse in building comprehensive applications.

- Micro AppStore: Access to a marketplace where developers can find and integrate various MicroApps created by experts.

- NFT Marketplace: Provides a platform for artists to post their NFTs and for collectors to purchase them, supporting auctions, spot price sales, multi-currency payments, and fiat transactions.

- Uber for X: Allows the creation of various gig economy applications, such as Uber-like services for multiple industries like babysitting, teaching, and more, with support for web and mobile apps.

- Social Network Building: Enables the creation of niche social network applications and integrates other micro-apps like e-commerce.

- No-Code Builder: Assists in creating no-code builders for various purposes, such as websites, email templates, and even video builders.

- Collections of Items: Facilitates presenting item collections in various layouts, suitable for freemium models with some items requiring payment.

- Peer-to-Peer Marketplace: Connects buyers and vendors, making it easy to create marketplaces for services like car maintenance or education.

- Video Streaming: Provides the infrastructure for building Netflix-like video streaming portals for niche markets or educational content.

- Photo Sharing App: Enables the development of Instagram-like photo-sharing applications for web and mobile.

- 1000+ Micro-Apps: Offers a vast library of micro-apps for diverse needs, allowing comprehensive solutions or modular combinations.

- Customization and Flexibility: Supports extensive customization, from simple no-code adjustments to full-scale code modifications.

- Security and GDPR Compliance: Built with advanced security practices and full GDPR compliance, including customizable data handling.

- Open Source and Vendor Lock-Free: Mars engine is open-sourced, allowing for deployment on various server environments without vendor lock-in.

- Mars IDE: Features an all-in-one development environment covering JS, TypeScript, version control, and a seamless switch between no-code and code interfaces.

- Data Ownership: Ensures user data is stored privately in users' databases or connected cloud storage like Amazon.

- Comprehensive Platform: Integrates various aspects like CMS, admin pages, analytics, and more, making it a comprehensive toolkit for developers.

- Marketplace for Mars Developers: Connect with Mars developers for new projects, with easy integration and support.

- Continuous Improvement: Micro-apps are updated regularly by dedicated developers, ensuring high quality and frequent new feature releases.


All-in-one platform for building customizable code and no-code applications

Key Features

💰 Paid
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