What is Loudly

Loudly is an AI-powered music platform that allows creators to generate, customize, and discover music using AI technology. It offers a catalog of 100,000+ royalty-free audio, tracks, and loops, making it easy for content creators, startups, filmmakers, and multimedia artists to find the perfect soundtrack for their projects. With features like text-to-music recommendations and video-to-music recommendations, Loudly helps users create high-quality music in seconds. It is designed to enhance creativity and productivity, providing a unique and effortless music solution.

Key Features

  • AI Music Generator: Utilize the power of AI to create high-quality music in seconds.
  • Text to Music: Type in a concept and receive AI-driven song recommendations.
  • Video to Music: AI analyzes your video content and suggests the ideal soundtrack.
  • AI Recommender: Receive AI-assisted song recommendations based on your concept or video.
  • Customize Music: Modify energy levels, instruments, volume, and more to customize your soundtrack.
  • Royalty-free Songs, Stems, and Sounds: Explore a vast catalog of customizable music options.