What is KreadoAI

KreadoAI is an AI video generator platform that allows users to generate professional videos with AI-generated avatars and voices in minutes. It offers features such as AI text dubbing, AI copywriting, and AI smart cutout to improve marketing content efficiency and effectiveness. The platform also provides tools for creating digital human videos, generating digital human models, and setting up live streaming rooms for marketing purposes.

Key Features

  • Fast AI Videos: Create AI-generated videos in multiple languages with realistic avatars, reducing time and cost by 50%.
  • Lifelike Avatar: Over 100 digital human images available, suitable for diverse application scenarios.
  • Voice Cloning: Clone human-like voices in multiple languages, useful for various marketing scenarios.
  • AI Fashion Models: Virtual models for e-commerce, reducing costs and enhancing advertisement effectiveness.
  • AI Marketing Copywriting: Generate high-converting advertising copy tailored to local marketing characteristics.
  • AI Image Processing: Automated background removal from images in seconds.
  • AI Text Dubbing: Convert text to multilingual speech with natural and fluent AI voices.
  • AI Face Swap Tool: Replace people’s heads in images and videos to create realistic, copyright-free portrait images.