What is InfoGPT

InfoGPT is an all-in-one AI digital assistant that offers various features to enhance productivity and creativity. It includes an AI editor, art studio, chat with PDF tool, writing tools, social media tools, food and nutrition insights, travel guides, book and movie analysis, legal assistance, and more. The platform aims to provide personalized assistance and limitless potential in a wide range of industries and applications.

Key Features

  • AI Editor: Polish and refine your texts with features like translations and rephrasing for improved clarity.
  • Audio Notes: Transform spoken thoughts into eloquent text, eliminating the need for deciphering messy notes.
  • Art Studio: Restore old photos and revamp digital aesthetics with this creative studio.
  • Chat with PDF: Engage in interactive conversations with any PDF, asking questions and getting summaries.
  • AI Writing: Enhance your writing with a range of tools, from blog posts to presentations and emails.
  • Social Media: Craft compelling content for all social media platforms, from Instagram captions to YouTube scripts.
  • Food & Nutrition: Unlock nutritional insights, track meals, and explore innovative recipe ideas.
  • Travel: Plan your trips with AI-generated itineraries and access historical and intriguing facts about destinations.
  • Books & Movies: Get summaries, engage in literary discussions, and explore the essence of books and movies with an AI companion.
  • Legal: Navigate legal waters with ease, from policy drafts to contract creations, with accessible legal lexicon.
  • Productivity: Boost efficiency with personal AI coaches, flashcard generators, and the ability to chat with the internet and YouTube videos.