Transform 2D photos and text into 3D holograms

  • Creates 3D holograms from photos or text

  • Compatible with VR, OBJ, Unreal, Unity

  • Supports creative virtual reality projects


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What is Holovolo

Holovolo is an AI-driven platform designed to transform 2D photos and text into 3D holographic content compatible with VR, OBJ, Unreal, and Unity formats. Users can explore, create, and share their 3D creations, enhancing their visual experiences and projects. The platform also offers support for various creative endeavors in virtual reality.

Key Features of Holovolo

- Text to VR/OBJ/Unreal/Unity: Easily convert text descriptions into various 3D formats for immersive experiences.

- 2D Photo to Holo: Transform standard 2D photos into holographic visuals for advanced presentations and projects.

- Text to Holo: Generate holograms directly from text input, revolutionizing content creation.

- VR180: Create and explore VR180 content for a more immersive experience.

- Explore in VR: Dive into virtual reality worlds crafted from your text or photo inputs.


Transform 2D photos and text into 3D holograms

Key Features

🆓 Free

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