AI-powered tool that reads and selects essential scientific papers

  • Free and pro subscription plans

  • Reads 4000+ scientific papers daily

  • Personalized insights from selected papers


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What is Goatstack.AI

Goatstack.AI is an AI-driven platform designed to keep users updated on the latest scientific papers through personalized insights newsletters. The AI agent reads over 4000 papers daily, selecting essential ones to tailor a concise newsletter for subscribers. It offers various subscription plans, including free and pro options, catering to individual preferences and team collaborations.

Key Features of Goatstack.AI

- AI Agent for Papers: Reads 4000+ scientific papers daily and handpicks the essential ones for you.

- Personalized Insights: Get a custom newsletter with insights tailored to your interests.

- Multi-Language Support: Personalized and generalized topics, allowing you to be specific with the content.

- Time-Efficient Reading: Spend less than 3 minutes to read the summarized newsletter.

- Continuous Improvement: Reply to newsletters to provide feedback, which the AI remembers and improves upon.

- Community Engagement: Participate in 'papers reading' events in San Francisco and join the AI community.

- Real-Life Impact: Testimonials from researchers highlight the tool’s importance in staying informed on AI developments.

- Specialized Reviews: In-depth reviews dissecting significant techniques and advancements in AI, such as the impact of SAM, DALL-E2, GPT-4, and VFMs for autonomous driving.

- Research Roadmaps: Outlines future research directions and introduces open-access repositories for the latest advancements.


Free Plan:

- Cost: $0 USD/month

- Features:

  • 1 Free Newsletter
  • Choose what to exclude
  • Reply to newsletters to improve them (AI remembers)
  • No credit card required

Pro Plan:

- Cost: $4/mo.

- Features:

  • Everything included in the Free Plan
  • Up to 10 newsletters
  • No ads
  • Includes videos & GIFs
  • Ability to regenerate newsletters whenever needed
  • Access to Discord community
  • Free trial available

Business Plan:

- Features: $399/mo.

  • Everything included in the Pro Plan
  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Team invitation to Goatstack
  • Connect own data (Atlassian, GitLab, etc.)
  • Send data via API
  • Slack integration
  • Telegram channel access


AI-powered tool that reads and selects essential scientific papers

Key Features

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