Generated Photos


AI-generated diverse face and full-body image library for various applications

  • 2.7 million pre-generated faces available

  • Create custom photo-realistic models

  • Access bulk downloads, datasets, and API integration


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🛠️ API
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What is Generated Photos

Generated Photos is an AI-driven platform offering a comprehensive library of pre-generated, diverse faces and full-body images. Users can create unique, photo-realistic models tailored to their specific needs for applications in ads, design, marketing, research, and machine learning. The platform also provides tools for generating custom datasets and API integration for scaling large projects.

Key Features of Generated Photos

- AI Photo Generation: Create high-quality, AI-generated photos of faces and full-body humans tailored to your specifications.

- Diverse Face Gallery: Access a vast gallery featuring over 2,676,245 pre-generated diverse faces to fit a variety of creative needs.

- Face Generator: Customize unique and photo-realistic faces using specific parameters.

- Human Generator: Produce super realistic full-body human images with 100,000 pre-generated options available for quick use.

- Anonymizer Tool: Enhance your privacy by uploading and modifying existing photos to anonymize faces efficiently.

- Bulk Downloads and API: Scale up for large projects with bulk download options, dataset creation, and easy API integration for seamless workflow.

- Privacy and Terms: Committed to user privacy and data protection as outlined in the terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Faces + Face Generator Plan:

  • Cost: $199/year (after a free 3-day trial; no refunds if you don't cancel during the trial)
  • Features:
    • Browse over 2.6 million pre-made faces and create new ones with customizable features
    • 15 downloads per month
    • Unlimited face generations
    • No watermarks
    • Commercial use

Human Generator Plan:

  • Cost: $199/year
  • Features:
    • Generate full-body human photos with rich customization options
    • 1,000 priority generations
    • Unlimited downloads
    • No watermarks
    • Commercial use

Bulk Purchase:

  • Buy multiple images without a subscription:
  • Price per photo:
    • 1-20 photos: $9 each
    • 21-50 photos: $7 each
    • 51-250 photos: $5 each
    • 251-1000 photos: $2.5 each
    • 1000+ photos: $1 each

Generated Photos

AI-generated diverse face and full-body image library for various applications

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API
⏳ Free Trial

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