AI-powered writing assistant for product people's professional communication

  • Boosting productivity for product managers

  • Elevate product communication with AI-powered writing tools

  • Craft professional emails and blog posts


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What is is a privacy-focused AI-powered writing assistant that helps product managers improve their writing skills. The tool allows users to create professional emails and blog posts quickly and easily. It offers features such as selecting a tone, setting a length, and protecting sensitive data. operates on a consumption-based pricing model, giving users the flexibility to pay only for what they use.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Writing Assistant: assists product people in improving their writing skills while keeping sensitive data secure.
  • Email Writing Mode: Instruct Garson to write professional emails with the option to set the tone and length.
  • Quick Draft Highlighting: Easily highlight the important points of the email for improved articulation.
  • Sensitive Data Protection: Garson replaces locked text before passing it to the AI for enhanced privacy.
  • Copywriting Tools: Create professional emails, blog posts, and product descriptions with
  • Consumption-based Pricing: Pay only for what you use with flexible bundles to fit your needs.
  • Task Tracking: Easily track the number of tasks required to improve your content.
  • Streamlined Copywriting Process: Save time and money by streamlining your writing tasks with


Free Plan:

  • Cost: $0
  • 10 Tasks
  • Side-by-Side Composer
  • Sentiment Selector
  • Length Selector
  • 30 Days Storage
  • No credit card required

Please check here for more details about’s pricing.

AI-powered writing assistant for product people's professional communication

Key Features

πŸ’° Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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