What is FutureDesk

FutureDesk is a platform that harnesses the power of GPT and offers features such as chat folders, advanced prompt library, voice input/output, and customizable API integration. It supports multi-language and multi-device compatibility, allowing for limitless possibilities in content creation and collaboration.

Key Features

  • Chat Folders: Easy organization and sorting of chats.
  • GPT Power: Unleash the power of GPT for advanced prompt library.
  • Characters Assist: Assistance from characters in chat.
  • Pro-level Features: Professional features for creating presentations.
  • Browser-based Workflow: Convenient workflow directly in the browser.
  • Custom API Integration: Integration of FutureDesk with other APIs.
  • Voice Input/Output: Ability to use voice for input and output.
  • Document Upload/Edit: Upload and edit documents within FutureDesk.
  • Multi-language Support: Support for multiple languages.