fiddler ai


AI Observability platform for monitoring and improving ML models

  • AI Observability for predictive and generative models

  • Explainable AI with enterprise-level scale and security

  • Comprehensive ML model lifecycle management


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What is fiddler ai

Fiddler AI is an AI Observability platform that enables monitoring, explaining, analyzing, and improving ML models and AI applications. It offers a full-stack solution for building responsible and secure AI, with features like model monitoring, LLMOps, analytics, explainable AI, and fairness. Fiddler AI helps organizations align outcomes to business KPIs, reduce costs, increase ROI, and ensure high performance and quality. The platform also provides white-glove support and has received recognition from various industry sources.

Key Features

  • AI Observability: Provides a foundation for predictive and generative AI models, offering insights and understanding of model predictions.
  • Full Stack Platform: A comprehensive solution for monitoring, explaining, analyzing, and improving ML models and AI applications.
  • Performance Delivery: Ensures high performance and quality with model monitoring and LLMOps.
  • Business Alignment: Aligns model outcomes with business KPIs through analytics.
  • Governance and Security: Offers explainable AI, fairness, privacy, and safety to de-risk AI applications.
  • Interactive Explainable AI: Provides regulation-friendly, on-demand results with breadth, depth, and flexibility.
  • Enterprise Scale: Delivers enterprise-level scale, security, and support.
  • Complete Model Lifecycle Management: Allows for monitoring and improvement of models in training and production.
  • Advanced Analytics: Supports growth into advanced XAI and analytics capabilities.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitates seamless teamwork across MLOps, data science, and business groups.
  • User-Friendly Environment: Offers low-code analysis and collaboration with a simple SQL interface and dashboards.


Fiddler AI Lite:

  • Start with a free trial
  • For individual practitioners
  • Monitor model performance, drift, data integrity, and more
  • Basic root cause analysis
  • Explain model outcomes with surrogate models
  • Communication and support essentials
  • Security essentials

Fiddler AI Business:

  • Request a demo for pricing
  • For teams
  • Everything in Lite, plus:
  • Bring your own models and explainers for advanced explainability
  • Advanced model analytics
  • Assess model fairness and bias
  • Role-based access control and SSO
  • Named Customer Success Manager
  • Engineering and Data Science services

Fiddler AI Premium:

  • Contact Sales for pricing
  • For enterprises
  • Everything in Business, plus:
  • VPC and VPC-peering options
  • GPU accelerated explanations
  • White-glove support and services for tailored AI deployment
  • Customized onboarding and solution success
  • Dedicated communication channels
  • Ongoing Co-pilot services available

Please check here for more details about Fiddler ai’s pricing.

fiddler ai

AI Observability platform for monitoring and improving ML models

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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