Evoto AI


Next-generation AI photo editor simplifying workflow and unleashing creativity

  • Streamlined photo editing workflow

  • Advanced portrait and background adjustments

  • Supports batch processing and custom presets


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What is Evoto AI

Evoto AI is an advanced AI-powered photo editing tool designed to streamline the editing workflow and enhance creativity. It offers features such as portrait retouching, background adjustments, and advanced color editing, allowing users to make precise and realistic enhancements with ease. The platform supports batch processing and custom presets, reducing manual tasks and speeding up the editing process.

Key Features of Evoto AI

- AI-Powered Portrait Retouching: Achieve professional quality retouching with precise face, gender, and age detection.

- Advanced Color and Tone Adjustments: Control exposure, white balance, and color correction settings to create natural-looking skin tones.

- Powerful Background Adjustments: Replace skies, clean backdrop imperfections, and remove backgrounds effortlessly.

- Exclusive Presets: Utilize professionally designed presets and create your own custom presets for easy and consistent editing.

- Batch Processing: Speed up your workflow by editing multiple photos at once with a few simple steps.

- Advanced Raw File Processing: Smoothly process raw files with live previews of your edits.

- Multi-Language Support: Available in languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Traditional Chinese.

- Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available as a desktop app for both MacOS and Windows.

- Cutting-Edge AI Effects: Apply advanced effects such as skin glow, digital make-up, face sculpting, and body reshaping.


Free Trial

  • No credit card needed for 1 device
  • 5 free credits
  • Photo-editing software for Mac & WindowsAll core photo-editing tools
  • 1 Photo = 1 Credit


  • as low asUS$0.0466/credit1200credit
  • Performance and stability updates
  • Smart, intuituve portrait retouching tools
  • Unique background editing tools
  • Professional color adjustment options
  • Built-in library of presets, filters and makeups
  • Presets sharing feature
  • Batch editingSign in to 2 devices simultaneously


  • Admin tools
  • Custom seats
  • Custom pricing
  • Email support
  • Customer service manager
  • Early beta access

Evoto AI

Next-generation AI photo editor simplifying workflow and unleashing creativity

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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