EditApp AI

An AI-powered image editing tool that allows easy creation and customization

  • Image creation and editing on your device

  • Unleash your creativity with 'Create', 'Tweak', and 'Background'

  • Transform photos into unique works of art


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What is EditApp AI

EditApp AI is an image editing tool that empowers users to create and modify images directly on their devices. Its 'Create' mode allows for imaginative alterations, while 'Tweak' mode focuses on detailed adjustments. Additionally, the 'Background' mode enables users to easily change the scenery of their photos, making complex edits accessible with just a few taps.

Key Features of EditApp AI

- Edit Anything, Anywhere: Easily create and tweak images directly on your device with EditApp AI.

- Create Mode: Dive into a world where you're the artist, and every photo is a blank canvas. The 'Create' mode breathes life into your wildest imaginations.

- Fantastical Creations: Fancy a unicorn grazing in your backyard or Abraham Lincoln lounging on your porch? The fantastical and the impossible become your reality.

- Tweak Mode: Got an eye for details? With 'Tweak' mode, fine-tune select parts of your image for a personal makeover.

- Detailed Adjustments: Update that hairstyle, jazz up your outfit, or turn your surroundings into something out of a video-game.

- Background Mode: Seamlessly replace your scenery, taking you from serene shores to bustling urban streets, to the surface of the moon with a few taps.

- Scenic Transformations: Wish for a sunset even in midday? Use 'Background' mode to shift time and space to create the perfect backdrop.

EditApp AI

An AI-powered image editing tool that allows easy creation and customization

Key Features

💲 Freemium
📱 Mobile App

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