Generate limitless AI images using Telegram/Discord bots with Stable Diffusion

  • Unlimited image generations with customizable settings

  • Stable Diffusion neural network

  • Customizable settings in Telegram or Discord


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What is Devoid

Devoid is an AI-powered image generation platform leveraging Stable Diffusion neural networks to unlock creative potential. Users can generate an unlimited number of images through Telegram or Discord bots, with various customizable settings and privacy options. It offers a free tier and subscription plans with increased generation limits and additional features, supporting uncensored creativity and image mixing.

Key Features of Devoid

- Neural Network Creativity: Devoid Diffusion allows users to unlock their creative potential without restrictions.

- Platform Accessibility: Utilize the service through a Telegram bot for creating AI-generated images; Discord support coming soon.

- Advanced Settings: Includes numerous customizable options such as resolution, steps, and creativity levels for image generation.

- Unlimited Generations: Offers an unlimited number of image generations in a secret chat.

- Image Storage: Saves all generated images and offers the ability to view them on the site.

- Private and Group Use: Generates images in private messages with a bot, and users can add the bot to their conversations.

- Stable Diffusion Basis: Built on the popular Stable Diffusion neural network, with over 2,000,000 images already generated.

- Image Mixing Capability: Mix styles of any images, using either previous generations or user-uploaded photos.

- Unrestricted Creativity: The model is uncensored, allowing for the creation of a wide range of portraits, art, and photos without tag limitations.

Pricing Plans

- Free Plan: 20 generations per day, up to 768x768 resolution, and a prompt filter.

- Pro Plan: 500 generations per day, NSFW unlocked, up to 1024x1024 resolution, priced at $5 for 7 days.

- Premium Plan: 1000 generations per day, ability to invite bot to chats, priced at $15 for 30 days.


Generate limitless AI images using Telegram/Discord bots with Stable Diffusion

Key Features

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