Automates Jira ticket resolutions and generates pull requests efficiently

  • Streamline development process with AI-powered tool

  • Generates PRs adhering to linting rules

  • Generates tailored code changes and prioritizes quality


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What is DevGPT

DevGPT is an AI-driven development tool designed to streamline coding workflows by automating the resolution of Jira tickets and generating pull requests. It integrates seamlessly with popular project management and Git systems, producing code that adheres to your repository's linting rules and reuses existing components. DevGPT enables collaborative editing through comments and continuously learns from user feedback to enhance future code generation while ensuring code privacy and security.

Key Features of DevGPT

- Seamless Ticket Integration: Easily initiate your workflow by creating tickets through leading project management tools like Jira.

- Smart Pull Request Generation: DevGPT autonomously generates pull requests with tailored code changes for your tasks.

- Interactive Code Review: Review AI-generated code, add comments, and guide the development process dynamically.

- One-Click PR Integration: Raise a pull request directly to your Git repository with just one click.

- Linting Compliance: Ensures code passes linting checks the first time, adhering to your repository's rules.

- Component Re-Usage: Smartly reuses existing components and functions within your codebase to enhance efficiency.

- Automatic Jira Ticket Handling: Tackles Jira tickets autonomously, streamlining issue resolution with predictive coding.

- Comment-Based Code Editing: Allows fine-tuning of AI-generated code through comments, making the editing collaborative.

- Preference Learning: Comments train DevGPT to better understand your coding preferences for future tasks.

- Custom Model Training: DevGPT is trained on your specific codebase, reflecting your unique coding patterns.

- Code Privacy: Operates under a strict no-code-saving policy, ensuring your code remains secure.

- Broad Integration Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with popular Git services and ticket management solutions.

- Private LLM Hosting: Offers private Large Language Model hosting via Azure for secure and scalable AI operations.


Individual Plan:

  • Cost: $49/month
  • Trial: 30-Days Free
  • Designed For: Single user
  • Features:
    • Initiate pull requests directly from tickets
    • Copy & paste tickets
    • Raise pull-requests
    • Limited to 1 team member
    • Up to 600 tickets per month

Teams Plan:

  • Cost: Contact Us
  • Designed For: Large Teams
  • Features:
    • Scalable, secure, and comprehensive AI for large-scale development environments
    • Jira Integration
    • Priority rollout of new features
    • Private Azure instance
    • ISO27001 & SOC Type 2 certified
    • Unlimited team members
    • Unlimited tickets


Automates Jira ticket resolutions and generates pull requests efficiently

Key Features

💰 Paid
⏳ Free Trial

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