Create custom GPT-4 chatbots tailored to your business content

  • AI-powered chatbot platform

  • Create personalized chatbots using own content

  • Supports 92 languages, easy setup, privacy-first capabilities


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What is CustomGPT

CustomGPT is an AI-powered platform that allows businesses to create customized GPT-4 chatbots using their own content. It supports multiple formats and languages, ensuring accurate, fact-based responses without fabrications. Ideal for enhancing customer service and engagement, it can be embedded on websites, integrated through APIs, and used in various business workflows.

Key Features of CustomGPT

- Extensive Document Support: Upload documents in over 1400 formats, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and more.

- Sitemap Integration: Automatically index and refresh the entire content of your website with support for sitemaps.

- Multi-Source Data Integrations: Combine data from various sources to create a consolidated “source of truth” for your chatbot.

- Multilingual Support: Support for 92 languages to cater to a diverse audience.

- Powered by ChatGPT-4: Leverage the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 for accurate and reliable responses.

- Accurate Responses: Obtain precise answers based on your business content without hallucinations or making up facts.

- Citations and Sources: Get responses with proper citations and sources for transparency and trust.

- Secure and Privacy-First: Business-grade security measures to protect your data and ensure privacy.

- Custom Chatbot Deployment: Deploy your custom chatbot with options for public or private access.

- Website Embedding and LiveChat: Embed the chatbot on your website or use it as a LiveChat widget.

- API Access: Integrate the chatbot into your workflows and systems via API.

- ChatGPT Plugin Store: Enhance functionality with various plugins available in the store.

- Search Generative Experience: Improve user experience by replacing traditional search with conversational responses.


Standard Plan:

  • Cost: $89/month (billed annually) or $99/month (billed monthly)
  • Features:
    • 10 custom chatbots (projects)
    • 5,000 items per chatbot
    • 60 million words stored
    • 1,000 GPT-4 queries/month
    • 3 team members
    • Basic Analytics
    • Monetization
    • OpenAI API access
    • Helpdesk support
    • Self-service

Premium Plan:

  • Cost: $449/month (billed annually) or $499/month (billed monthly)
  • Features:
    • 100 custom chatbots (projects)
    • 20,000 items per chatbot
    • 300 million words stored
    • 5,000 GPT-4 queries/month
    • 5 team members
    • Basic Analytics
    • Monetization
    • OpenAI API access
    • Helpdesk support
    • Self-service
    • Remove CustomGPT Branding
    • Remove PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Sitemap Auto-Sync
    • Explore Analytics
    • Prioritized indexing

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Contact for pricing
  • Features:
    • All Premium features included
    • Scalable data, query, and seat capacity
    • Enterprise-level Security
    • Microsoft Azure OpenAI API
    • Custom SSO (Single Sign-On)
    • Token Authentication
    • Data processing agreement
    • Advanced Insight Analytics
    • Custom features
    • Tailored onboarding sessions
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Call and email support
    • Prioritized engineering support


Create custom GPT-4 chatbots tailored to your business content

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API
⏳ Free Trial

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