Automates SEO internal link building for WordPress using NLP algorithms

  • Simplified internal linking and improved SEO

  • Automated link distribution, enhanced discoverability, improved rankings

  • Provides detailed link audits and reports


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What is CrawlSpider

CrawlSpider is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify internal link building for SEO optimization. It leverages advanced algorithms and NLP-powered keyword extraction to automate the linking process, improving site navigation, link equity distribution, and search engine visibility. The tool offers comprehensive features including link audits, automated linking, anchor text management, and detailed reporting to enhance overall website performance.

Key Features of CrawlSpider

- Automated Internal Linking: Simplifies the internal linking process using advanced matching algorithms and NLP-powered keyword extraction for optimal link distribution and SEO compliance.

- NLP Long Tail Keyword Strategy: Utilizes NLP algorithms to capture long-tail keywords, enhancing search engine rankings and improving page indexing for deep content.

- Comprehensive SEO Tools: Offers a suite of tools including SEO audits, link audits, automatic link creation, and anchor text audits to maintain and optimize internal link structures seamlessly.

- Data Visualization and Reporting: Provides detailed and exportable reports such as anchor text details, link audits, crawl maps, and radial charts for comprehensive analysis of site link architecture.

- Hands-Off Link Building: Automates manual tasks, extracting and matching keywords to create links without requiring page visits, significantly saving time and effort.

- Anchor Text Management: Maintains a complete list of links with their anchor texts, providing metrics on duplicate anchors, anchor length, and word count to ensure consistency and SEO friendliness.

- Link Audit & Broken Link Reports: Built-in crawler auditing each link, delivering metrics on broken links, inbound and external links, dofollow links, and status codes to maintain link health.

- Targeted Linking Rules: Allows creating rules for various types of target links including partner, affiliate, and external authority links, with spintax-like keyword phrases for optimum internal and external linking.

- Increased Search Engine Visibility: By ensuring optimal link writing and distribution, the plugin maximizes content discoverability, helping to improve organic search rankings and site authority.


Automates SEO internal link building for WordPress using NLP algorithms

Key Features

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