Personalized AI platform for automating writing, SEO, and outreach

  • No-code platform for AI workflows

  • Over 30 customizable templates

  • Integration with tools and apps like Make and Zapier


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What is BurtstyAI

BurtstyAIBurstyAI is a no-code AI platform designed to automate and optimize various tasks, including content creation, SEO, email outreach, and influencer engagement. It offers over 30 ready-to-use templates that can be customized in minutes, enabling businesses to streamline operations and scale efficiently. Integrating with tools like Make and Zapier, BurstyAI enhances automation and productivity for over 3,000 users globally.

Key Features of BurtstyAI

- No-Code Platform: Offers a no-code interface to create and automate AI workflows.

- AI Writer: Includes tools like 1-Click Blog Article Writer, Youtube Video To Blog, and Top Ranked Page to Blog Post for efficient content creation.

- AI SEO Tools: Features Google Ads Keyword Ideas, Keyword Search Intent Analyze, Topical Authority Map & Blog Plan, and Automated URL Indexing to Google.

- AI Outreach Tools: Integrates LinkedIn Lead Research & Email Outreach, Company Research With Its Website, and Personalized Email Outreach capabilities.

- Workflow Templates: Provides over 30 ready-to-use templates for various tasks like article writing, keyword research, and backlink building.

- Customization & Scalability: Allows users to customize templates to fit business needs and schedule bulk runs with a single click.

- Personalized AI: Creates individualized workflows based on user data, website information, personality, and experience.

- Integration Capabilities: Connects with over 5000 apps through Make and Zapier for comprehensive automation.

- AI Image Generator: Generates images from textual prompts, supporting models like DALLE.2, DALLE.3, and multiple Stable Diffusion versions.



Personalized AI platform for automating writing, SEO, and outreach

Key Features

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