AI-powered tool for effortless content generation on WordPress

  • Automatic content generation tool for WordPress and Chrome

  • Generate engaging copy, create AI images, and more

  • Compatible with popular Page Builders and themes


💲 Freemium


🧩 Browser Extension

What is is an AI-powered content generation tool for WordPress and Chrome. It offers features such as creating website and social media copy, generating AI images and illustrations, writing long-form blog posts, and transcribing and translating content. aims to help users save time and effortlessly create engaging and converting content.

Key Features

  • Content Creation Simplified: Generate engaging, converting copy for websites and social media, saving up to 90% of time.
  • AI-Powered Image & Illustration Creation: Search for and create images for websites in various styles using AI.
  • Product Description Generator: Automatically generate converting product descriptions.
  • Blog Post Writing Assistant: Helps in writing blog posts quickly, ensuring engaging and creative content.
  • Transcription and Translation Services: Includes Whisper integration for converting, translating, transcribing, and generating closed captions.
  • WooCommerce & EDD Integration: Automatically generate product descriptions directly in the dashboard.
  • Interactive Chat Feature: Facilitates the creation of social media posts and other content through a conversational interface.
  • Chrome Extension: Offers a browser extension for easy access and use across the web.


One Price for All Plan:

  • Cost: $20/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Websites and Access to Chrome Extension
  • 1,000,000 Words Per Month
  • 20 Image Generations Per Month
  • Priority Support
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Please check here for more details about’s pricing.

AI-powered tool for effortless content generation on WordPress

Key Features

💲 Freemium
🧩 Browser Extension

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