What is Beatoven.ai?

Beatoven.ai is an AI-powered music generator designed to create unique, mood-based background music for videos and podcasts. The platform aims to simplify the music composition process for content creators, offering a range of genres and moods to choose from.

Key Features

  • Genre/Style Selection: Choose from 8 genres to match your content’s theme.
  • Mood Customization: Select from 16 different moods to fit the various segments of your content.
  • Multiple Cuts: Allows for multiple cuts in a single track to add different moods.
  • AI Composition: Uses machine learning algorithms to let beginners and experienced users create their desired music for their content.
  • Royalty-Free Music: Perpetual license for the music you make; suitable for various use cases.

What Sets Beatoven.ai Apart

Here are some advantages of Beatoven.ai compared to other AI-powered music generators like Boomy and Soundful:

  • Mood-Based Composition: Unlike competitors, Beatoven.ai focuses on mood-based music generation, offering 16 different moods.
  • Perpetual License: Provides a perpetual license for the music, making it genuinely royalty-free.
  • AI-Driven Customization: Uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate unique tracks, offering more customization options than royalty-free music platforms.