AI-driven tool to enhance and restore photo/video quality automatically

  • Automatic image enhancement

  • Facial recognition and refinement

  • Privacy protection with 24-hour data deletion


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What is Avc.ai

Avc.ai utilizes advanced AI technology to automatically enhance and restore photo and video quality. It offers features like upscaling image resolution, facial recognition and enhancement, noise and artifact removal, background elimination, and color calibration. The platform works across various devices and ensures privacy by deleting uploaded images after 24 hours. Designed for ease of use, Avc.ai caters to both personal and professional needs for high-quality visual content.

Key Features of Avc.ai

- Multi-Language Support: Available in multiple languages including Deutsch, English, Français, 日本語, and Español.

- AI Enhancer: Uses deep learning algorithms to automatically improve and restore photo quality effortlessly.

- Image Upscale: Increase image resolution from low to high, enhancing its quality with denoising, sharpening, face retouching, colorizing, and color calibration.

- Automatic Processing: Process images online 100% automatically with a well-trained AI algorithm.

- Super Resolution Technology: Utilizes Super Resolution to upscale images and boost their quality to the maximum.

- Facial Recognition & Enhancement: Uses deep learning algorithms for facial recognition and enhancement to recover facial details.

- Privacy Protection: Uploaded images are permanently cleared after 24 hours to ensure privacy.

- Noise and Artifact Removal: Quickly and easily remove noise and artifacts from images, making them clearer and of higher quality.

- AI Face Refinement: Enhances blurry faces by automatically detecting and refining facial features, removing blemishes, wrinkles, and dark spots.

- AI Color Calibration: Corrects color in photos to make them look more natural by using neural networks to analyze and adjust color casts.

- Background Removal: Easily removes the background from any image with just one click, leaving a clean, white background.


Monthly Subscription Plans:

  • 100 Credits/Month: $9.95
  • 300 Credits/Month: $25.95
  • 500 Credits/Month: $39.95
  • Custom Credits/Month: User specifies the number of needed credits

Pay-As-You-Go Plan:

  • 50 Credits: $19.95
  • 200 Credits: $59.95

Usage Details:

  • Processing 1 image: 1 credit
  • Upscaling 1 image to 300%: 3 credits
  • Upscaling 1 image to 400%: 4 credits
  • Face Refinement: 2 credits

Free Credits:

  • 8 free credits by default for evaluation
  • 5 extra credits upon registration


AI-driven tool to enhance and restore photo/video quality automatically

Key Features

💰 Paid
📱 Mobile App
⏳ Free Trial

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