Artificial Art

Generate diverse digital art using customizable AI models

  • Diverse AI-generated digital artwork

  • Customizable prompts for unique images

  • Supports multiple artistic styles and techniques


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What is Artificial Art

Artificial Art is a platform leveraging multiple AI models to generate a diverse array of digital art forms. Users can customize prompts and settings to produce unique images, utilizing techniques such as stable diffusion, pixel art, and even specialized styles for animation and realism. The broad model selection caters to various artistic preferences, including anime, photorealism, and vector art.

Key Features of Artificial Art

- Multi-Model Support: Provides access to an extensive collection of models and styles, including Stable Diffusion, ProtoGen, and Dreamlike Diffusion.

- Custom Prompts: Allows users to input unique prompts for generating personalized images.

- Model Selection: Users can select from a variety of models such as Analog Diffusion, Nitro Diffusion, and Realism Engine for specific artistic needs.

- High-Resolution Output: Supports high-resolution image generation with options for adjusting width, height, and guidance settings.

- Post-Processing: Features tools like GFPGAN and RealESRGAN for enhancing the quality of generated images.

- Diffusion Techniques: Includes various diffusion methods such as DDIM, k_lms, k_euler, and k_dpm adaptive to cater to different artistic requirements.

- NSFW Filter: Offers options to include or censor NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

- Inpainting Models: Supports specific inpainting models for fine-tuning details on generated images.

- Batch Processing: Ability to configure batch size for generating multiple images simultaneously.

- Random Model Generator: Provides options to randomly select models for spontaneous creativity.

- API Integration: Facilitates easy integration with other applications and platforms via comprehensive APIs.

- Reset and Generate: Simple reset and generate buttons for efficient workflow management.

Artificial Art

Generate diverse digital art using customizable AI models

Key Features

🆓 Free
🛠️ API

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