AI-powered platform for customizable 3D figurine and merchandise creation

  • One-click 3D model customization

  • Streamlined digital production workflows

  • Accessible solution for design studios, creators, and beginners


💰 Paid


🛠️ API

What is provides high-quality AI Generative Creation (AIGC) models, design tools, and resources for effortless 3D figurine and merchandise creation. Catering to studios, independent creators, and beginners, the platform enables users to turn ideas into detailed 3D models quickly with customizable options. With features like instant previews, community-powered remixes, and comprehensive design workflows, streamlines digital production for various creative needs.

Key Features of

- AIGC Models and Design Tools: Provides top-quality AI-generated content models and design tools for 3D figurines and merchandise creation.

- One-Click Customization: Enables quick customization of 3D models and merchandise with easy-to-use features.

- Versatile Usage: Ideal for studios of all sizes, independent creators, and even beginners looking to create stunning 3D merchandise.

- Instant 3D Model Creation: Turn ideas into ready-to-use 3D models instantly by entering descriptive prompts.

- Quick Preview Generation: AI generates a preview model within seconds for user review.

- Multiple File Formats: Supports downloads in various formats such as OBJ, GLB, PNG, and MP4 for versatile digital production needs.

- Streamlined Workflow: Simplifies the design process from inspiration and brainstorming to design development and realization.

- Sketch to Render Conversion: Offers tools to easily convert sketches into intricate renders for product design, architectural visualization, and concept art.

- Image Generation and Remixing: Provides a vast array of styles for image generation and allows for community-powered remixing to personalize creations.


Free Plan:

  • Cost: $0/month
  • Monthly Tokens: 20 Credits for first timers
  • Features: Can submit only 1 request at a time, queued usage depending on GPU availability.

Pro-Creator Plan:

  • Cost: $9/month
  • Monthly Tokens: 300 Credits per month
  • Features: Bulk Generation - Can submit 5 requests per tool at a time, faster lane, private generation, unrestricted distribution and commercial use, access to Pro-Only Tools and Workflows.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Custom pricing and features
  • Contact Artefacts.AI to discuss specific needs and pricing options.

AI-powered platform for customizable 3D figurine and merchandise creation

Key Features

💰 Paid
🛠️ API

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