AI Photo


Generate images from text offline using AI on iOS/macOS

  • Operates entirely offline for privacy

  • Transforms text prompts into images

  • Supports custom CoreML models on macOS


💰 Paid


📱 Mobile App

What is AI Photo

AI Photo is an AI-powered app available for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS that allows users to generate images based on text prompts. It operates offline and prioritizes user privacy by not storing or sharing any text prompts or images. The app includes safety mechanisms to prevent the generation of harmful content and supports the use of custom CoreML models for research purposes.

Key Features of AI Photo

- Stable Diffusion Technology: Transforms text prompts into images using advanced Stable Diffusion algorithms.

- Offline Operation: No internet connection required as the app works entirely offline.

- Privacy by Design: Ensures that no text prompts or images leave your device.

- Custom CoreML Models: Supports custom models on macOS for research purposes, provided they include a SafetyChecker file.

- Press Kit Available: A 108 MB ZIP file is available for press use, along with marketing resources.

AI Photo

Generate images from text offline using AI on iOS/macOS

Key Features

💰 Paid
📱 Mobile App

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