11th Estate


AI-driven platform for investment recovery and settlement claims

  • AI-driven investor settlement and recovery tool

  • Scans portfolios, handles paperwork, distributes funds

  • SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant data security


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What is 11th Estate

11th Estate is an AI-driven platform designed to assist investors in identifying and claiming settlements and recoveries. Its tool, Stanley, scans investment portfolios for eligible compensations, handles necessary paperwork, and distributes recovered funds directly to brokerage accounts. The platform ensures data security with SOC 2 and ISO27001 compliant datacenters and encrypted storage, maintaining user privacy.

Key Features of 11th Estate

- Automated Portfolio Scan: Analyzes your investment portfolio to identify all relevant settlements and recoveries you’re entitled to.

- Court Document Scanning: Searches through court documents for active and potential settlements, compensations, and recoveries.

- Paperwork Automation: Generates all necessary forms and documents needed to claim your payouts.

- Direct Cash Distribution: Delivers recovered cash directly to your brokerage account, simplifying the recovery process.

- Data Security: Ensures all stored data is encrypted and compliant with SOC 2 and ISO27001 standards, maintaining high-security measures.

- Private and Confidential: Guarantees that your data is not shared with third parties, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

- AI and FinTech Integration: Utilizes advanced AI and financial technology to streamline the recovery process and maximize your compensations.

11th Estate

AI-driven platform for investment recovery and settlement claims

Key Features

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