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ChatGPT may reign as the premier AI text generator today and set industry benchmarks, but InferKit, an AI tool that came before ChatGPT, deserves attention. 

InferKit AI is an impressive AI text generation platform that helps users create text content from a few prompting sentences. It efficiently crafts text from minimal prompts, excelling in natural language processing by producing coherent, creative content that rivals human writing.

In our evaluation, InferKit earns a 3.9-star rating, positioning itself as a solid choice in the AI text generation landscape. While ChatGPT remains a formidable force, InferKit offers unique advantages, making it an enticing option for those seeking customizable AI-powered writing assistance.

Best For

content creators

Free Version



Free demo, paid plans from $20/month 

  • The Best
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Flexible customization
  • Developer API
  • The Worst
  • The free version is heavily limited
  • Long prompts cause issues
  • Potential for repetitive or nonsensical text



Ease of Use




Value for Money


What is InferKit?

InferKit is an AI story generator, a script generator, and an AI writing assistant wrapped in a single package. If you are a creative content creator, you will find this a handy tool to generate quality content without worrying about how it works.

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How InferKit AI Works

InferKit uses advanced AI called a transformer model to generate human-like text. This model is trained on massive amounts of text data to master the intricacies of language.

When you give InferKit an initial prompt, it evaluates the context and meaning. Then, the generator predicts logical, human-sounding continuations using its deep understanding of linguistics. The transformer model can adapt tone and structure while ensuring the output is coherent and fits the context. This is how it can generate human-like responses to a prompt.

By leveraging comprehensive language training, InferKit assists users in diverse fields through contextual, tailored text generation, bridging communication gaps. Its versatility comes from fine-tuning transformer AI on massive text datasets.

How to Use InferKit AI

You do not need to sign up for an account to use InferKit. Go to app.inferkit.com/demo to start using the tool.

InferKit UI

InferKit AI has a minimalist and intuitive user interface that requires little orientation, even for first-time users. There is a section to enter prompting text on the right and a pane of options on the left.

InferKit options

The pane on the left provides multiple options that enable the user to fine-tune the length, content, and other specific options for a desired output. Here are what these options do:

  • Length to Generate: Here, you can specify the maximum number of characters (not words) the platform will generate.
  • Words to include: Add a list of words that the AI generator must use in the text output.
  • Start at beginning: The text generator will consider the prompt text as starting at the beginning of the document when this option is enabled.
  • Pause at the End: This option is hidden under Advanced Settings. When Pause at End checkbox is enabled, InferKit will stop generating output anywhere it deems fit to end.
  • Nucleus sampling: The nucleus sampling option is the probability threshold that controls how daring or cautious the AI is when generating sentences. Setting sampling closer to 0 produces text with more repetition and less variety.
  • Sampling temperature: This range between 0 and 2.0 controls how creative AI is when generating content.

Key Capabilities and Features

To test out InferKit AI, we prompted it to generate a text story based on this prompt:

“Although usually associated with action movies, Keanu Reeves is starring in a romantic comedy film”

InferKit response example

This was the output:

InferKit response example cont.

One of the first things we noticed is that InferKit may have been trained with quite out-of-date content. For instance, in this demonstration, InferKit added a story to the prompt, using dated information such as Keanu Reeves shooting John Wick Chapter 2. This film was released in 2017. Chapter 4 was released in early 2023.

Secondly, InferKit makes mistakes more often than expected. We opine that a commercial text generating AI should not make minor mistakes such as improper punctuation, misspellings, and incomplete sentences. Multiple tests made us believe that InferKit makes mistakes in about one in every four to five generated content. 

We also notice that InferKit too often stops generating text when it reaches the word limit, regardless of whether the last sentence is complete. In our example, the generator stopped mid-sentence, although it had not reached the set character count.

What Can You Do With InferKit?

InferKit is an incredibly versatile tool, catering to a wide range of users:

Content Creators: Whether you're working on prose, poetry, lyrics, scripts, or more, InferKit serves as your creative partner, providing raw material for you to refine.

Students: InferKit can summarize texts and generate academic content with guidance, although it's essential to cross-check for citations to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Developers: Integration of InferKit's API empowers developers to incorporate writing assistance into various software products.

Marketers: Create extensive marketing copy effortlessly for campaigns and collateral, significantly boosting your productivity with minimal human effort.

InferKit vs. ChatGPT

InferKit and ChatGPT both boast impressive text generation capabilities. However, their focuses differ. InferKit excels at content creation and writing assistance, offering a user-friendly web interface for customization. On the other hand, ChatGPT specializes in interactive conversations and chat-based applications and provides a completely free version without strict limits.

InferKit pioneered advanced text generation before ChatGPT, and both produce remarkably human-like content from brief prompts. While ChatGPT shines in understanding context and conveying nuance, InferKit provides greater control over output length, keywords, and creativity.

InferKit’s developer-friendly API enables seamless integration into various applications. In summary, ChatGPT sets a high bar for simple content needs, while InferKit remains a competitive choice for those seeking customizable AI writing assistance.

Pros and Cons of InferKit AI


  • Intuitive web interface: The easy-to-use web interface requires minimal technical skill
  • Flexible customization: Advanced controls grant flexibility for different writing needs
  • Developer API: Developer API enables integrating capabilities into apps


  • The free version is heavily limited: It has limited capabilities of 1,000 character output per prompt and only 10,000 characters per week
  • Long prompts cause issues: The generator can ‘understand’ up to only 3000 characters (approximately 500-1000 words) at a time. Giving it longer prompts will cause the algorithm to skip the beginning of the prompt
  • Potential for repetitive or nonsensical text: AI can sometimes miss nuance or generate text that is repetitive, offensive, or sexual

Pricing Options

InferKit offers a free demo along with two paid subscription plans:

Free Demo: Up to 10,000 characters weekly

Basic Plan: $20/month for 600,000 characters. You can buy additional characters at $0.28 per 10,000. 

Premium Plan: $60/month for 2,500,000 characters. Additional characters at $0.12 per 10,000.

The free demo allows testing capabilities on a limited basis. Paid plans are affordable and remove restrictions for serious users. Overall, the pricing is high compared to other InferKit alternatives that charge for advanced AI content generation.

Is InferKit Worth the Cost?

The free demo is too limited for serious use. But at $20/month, the paid Basic plan provides good value if you use the platform regularly. InferKit AI is more expensive than most alternative text generators. While the price tag may be the same as that of ChatGPT Plus, InferKit must prove greater capabilities to justify its pricing.


InferKit AI offers cutting-edge text generation, enhancing productivity across various fields. Its user-friendly interface, which looks remarkably similar to the OpenAI playground, simplifies complex functions, though human review is essential due to some inconsistencies.

For students, writers, developers, and marketers, InferKit boosts creativity and efficiency, offering customization options. While not flawless, it matches or surpasses competitor quality, providing value in paid plans. We recommend trying the free demo to explore its potential.

Overall, InferKit earns a 3.9/5.0 as it is a useful AI tool that content creators can use to make the most of AI possibilities while maintaining human control.


What is InferKit AI?

InferKit AI is a text generation tool that uses advanced AI to create human-like text. It's great for content creators, students, developers, and marketers.

How does InferKit AI work?

InferKit uses a transformer model trained on a large dataset. When you give it a prompt, it predicts logical, human-like text based on the context.

What are the key features of InferKit?

The platform offers a user-friendly web interface, customization options, and a developer API.

How is InferKit different from ChatGPT?

While both are text generators, InferKit focuses on content creation and offers more customization. ChatGPT is more geared towards interactive conversations.

What are the pricing options for InferKit?

InferKit has a free demo and paid plans starting at $20/month. The paid plans offer more characters and fewer restrictions.

Is InferKit worth the cost?

If you're a regular user, the Basic plan at $20/month offers good value. However, it's more expensive than most other text generators.

How do you use InferKit?

You don't need to sign up to use the free demo. Just go to their website, enter your prompt, and fine-tune the settings to get your desired output.

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